New Details, Footage Emerge In Case Of Naked Man Shot By Police In Florida (Video)


Delray Beach was shocked on Tuesday when police gunned down a man that was reportedly terrorizing the South Florida community.

Following the incident, Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw explained that a 6 foot 3, 250-pound naked man with 'super-human' strength had assaulted a 66-year-old retired police officer and bit the face of an 18-year-old man. When police failed to subdue the suspect with a Taser gun, they fired three fatal gunshots. The law enforcement officials believed the man to have been under the influence of some sort of "narcotic," although his exact mental state at the time is unknown.

New details and cell phone footage have now emerged as evidence of the incident. The man shot by police is named Anesson Joseph, a 28-year-old West Palm Beach resident who, according to Facebook, was the CEO of Nightlife University Parties & Events. One of Joseph’s neighbors, interviewed by CBS, described the man as “quiet,” claiming he “never would have expected something like this.” Police are still unclear whether the man was mentally ill or under the influence of drugs. 

A cell phone video of the incident shot by Delray Beach resident Robert Friskney depicts some of Joseph’s actions. According to the Daily Mail, Friskney claimed that Joseph was “acting like an animal, even growling, before he lunged at police and they shot him with a Taser.” The video shows Joseph continuing to struggle on the ground after being shot by the police.

Joseph’s family attorney Byrnes Guillaume has claimed that the police’s use of force may not have been justified due to the fact that Joseph was unarmed. 

“There has to be an answer to where an unarmed man came and they used deadly force. We just need to figure out what occurred, and we need to find out some answers,”  said Guillaume.


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