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New Details Emerge In Vanderbilt Football Rape Case

New details are emerging in the Vanderbilt football rape case.

In case you are unfamiliar with the case, here’s what’s happened: In June, four Vanderbilt University football players were dismissed from the team after being charged with the alleged rape of a Vanderbilt female student. Sources indicate that one player, tight end Brandon Vandenburg, was out for drinks with the victim. The victim became extremely drunk and passed out.

Vandenburg then allegedly took her back to a nearby dorm room, put a towel over the surveillance camera, and raped her. Three other players then allegedly entered the room and penetrated her with various objects. All four men have been pleaded not-guilty to the charges.

It has come to light today that Vandenburg and other players allegedly took photos and videos of the event. Three other men have now been indicted for urging Vandenburg to delete the video evidence from his phone while deleting multiple pictures and videos from their own phones as well.

On top of this, it looks like Vanderbilt Head Coach James Franklin may have seen the video and ordered his former players to delete it as well.

“I’m 99.9 percent sure that Franklin saw the video,” a source told BuzzFeed.  “And I wouldn’t be surprised if the public finds this out soon.”

“Coach Franklin denies that emphatically,” said Hal Hardin, Franklin’s attorney. “People always speculate and gossip. There is no truth to that accusation whatsoever. It’s inflammatory.”

The parallels between this Vanderbilt rape case and the Steubenville, Ohio rape case have been asserted by some in the media, likely because football players are involved and the head coach may have told players to hide evidence of their crime.

The community reactions are quite different in these cases, though. Unlike Steubenville, all of the Vanderbilt players have been dismissed from the team. The university community has placed all of the blame on the players and none on the victim, as the Steubenville community did.  

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