New Delhi Woman Gets Grisly Revenge on Sexually Abusive Father

NEW DELHI – After years of being sexually abused by her father, a young Indian woman has gotten her revenge.

On Tuesday, the Times of India reported that Kulvinder Kaur has admitted to murdering her father as he slept. She stated that she cut open his chest and removed his pacemaker.

The 23-year-old woman said that her father, Daljeet Singh, started abusing her after her mother died three years ago. She had endured the rape her for years because she had been too scared to go the police.

“She alleged her father made physical advances towards her and exploited her. If she objected, she was beaten up and threatened,” said Additional Commissioner of Police for West Delhi Ranvir Singh.

After years of abuse, Kaur finally decided to take action.

On the evening of April 30, Kaur left her house door open so that two of her male friends could slip into the house undetected. The two males bludgeoned the sleeping 56-year-old man with a wooden cricket stump.

Kaur then tore open his chest with a shard of glass and ripped out his pacemaker.

The trio then put the body in a bed sheet, drove to a forested area several kilometers away, and dumped the body.

Police stumbled across the body, which had severe head and chest injuries, on the very next day. On the evening of the same day, one of Singh’s relatives recognized Singh from photos the police were circulating in an attempt to identify the body.

Police have arrested Kaur and the two men, who have been identified as 22-year-old tattoo artist Prince Sandhu and 23-year-old Ashok Sharma, an apparel brand’s showroom worker.

Police have also recovered the blood-stained cricket stump, cable, knife, glass shards and a car.

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