This Is The Message A Dad Hoped To Send By Killing His Daughter’s Rapist


A New Delhi man who tortured and killed his daughter’s rapist and then calmly turned himself in to the police wanted to send a message to criminals that they cannot escape justice, according to the man’s wife.

The 36-year-old father of six, who cannot be named because of legal reasons, learned that his young daughter had been raped by a neighbor.

“I was shocked because we treated the tenant just like our family member,” police quoted the father as saying. “He breached my trust.”

The man’s daughter had remained quiet about the assault because her attacker had threatened to kill her if she told anyone. A doctor’s report later confirmed the assault.

When the father eventually captured the attacker, the man reportedly showed no remorse for his crime. The father ultimately gagged him, then heated a steel spatula on the stove and burned the man’s genitals.

Following the event, the father calmly turned himself into the police station.

“I only had the chance to see him briefly and he told me he wanted to warn potential rapists that they can never escape justice,” the man’s 32-year-old wife said of her husband.

Since the gang rape of a 23-year-old student in New Delhi during December of 2012, sex crimes have been under the radar in India. Though tougher laws have since been made to deter rapists, many sex crimes still go unpunished, which is what the girl's father allegedly had in mind when he took revenge on his neighbor.

Many of the family’s neighbors, who arrived at the family home to offer their sympathies, argued that the neighbor deserved to be tortured and killed for his crime.

Investigating officer Arvind Pratap Singh said that while he sympathizes with the father, he must perform his duty as a police officer and follow the law. Singh noted that in his 20 years as a law enforcement officer he has never come across such a case.

Sources: Arab Times Online, Arab News


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