New Delhi Gang Rape-Murder Convicts Sentenced To Death By Hanging


An Indian court ruled that four men who were convicted of raping and murdering a New Delhi woman will be put to death by hanging.

India has executed only three people in the last 17 years but the harsh punishment is viewed as appropriate because of the severity of the crime. The men held the woman down, repeatedly raped her and penetrated her with an iron rod, The Atlantic Wire reported.

The case has been followed very closely across India and has led to the passing of new, tougher anti-rape laws in the country. Although the number of sexual assaults hasn’t really been affected, awareness of what is happening has increased.

The judge in the matter called it the “rarest of rare” cases and said the incident “shocked the collective conscience of society.”

Two other people participated in the attack. One of them, a juvenile, was convicted separately last month. The other died in prison of an apparent suicide.

In order for the death sentences to become official, they must be confirmed by India’s High Court. The men can still appeal their case to the Supreme Court and also have the option of asking the president for clemency.

Sources: The Atlantic Wire, CBS News


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