New Declassified Documents About Area 51 Made Available In E-Book


The government has long been suspect to conspiracy theories and Hollywood films that claim it has evidence of extraterrestrial life hidden in a top-secret base located in Southern Nevada called Area 51. While the government has not quite admitted that it houses aliens there, it did admit earlier this year that the Area 51 military base does exist where conspiracy theorists believed it to be. 

A new e-book by Jeffrey Richelson, a George Washington University National Security Archive fellow, the author claims that Area 51 actually played an integral role in the Cold War. While many books have been written about the base and many can be dismissed as relatively nonsensical conspiracy theory blabber, Richelson is the man that filed the Freedom of Information Act request about the base earlier this year, which resulted in 60 declassified documents about the base being released by the government. 

According to the book, Area 51 was used by the Air Force in the 1970s and 1980s in order “further develop its stealth programs” and house “secretly obtained” Soviet MiG fighters, The Blaze reports. 

The book includes numerous lengthy, dry, boring documents about operations that occurred at Area 51. For those looking for a story about aliens, direct your attention to Hollywood, as the truth behind the long-secret government base is nothing too exciting. 

According to the e-book’s official website, however, the book does include documents that “specifically focus on Area 51 and the concern for maintaining secrecy about activities at the facility.”


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