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New Connecticut 'Ice Missile' Law Proves A State Money Maker

A new law requiring motorists to remove snow and ice from their vehicles before they begin driving has become a great source of revenue for the state of Connecticut.

The “ice missile” law took effect on Jan. 1 and was promoted by one lawmaker after ice flew off a truck and shattered his wife’s windshield.

Since the law took place police have issued at least 230 tickets, amounting to $27,600 in just a month and a half.

With 12 major snowstorms already this winter, combined with freezing rain and low temperatures, removing snow from a vehicle can prove quite the task for Connecticut residents. The process is even more difficult for truck drivers with high cabs and thin trailer roofs.

“We don’t have a good solution to this,” Motor Transport Association of Connecticut president Mike Riley said.

While some companies have made large swinging brushes available to truck drivers, and the MTA has purchased 200 of them, Riley insisted that the brooms are only a low-tech solution.

“It’s almost impossible to get all of [the snow] off,” Riley said, “and people should not be penalized for a small amount.”

Despite Riley’s complaints, the law was passed in 2010 and delayed until recently to allow trucking companies to become aware of the law and find solutions to the problem.

Source: DailyMail, ABC


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