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New Children's Defense Fund Report Accuses NRA of Hiding the Truth

The Children’s Defense Fund has released a report entitled Protect Children Not Guns 2013, which blasts the National Rifle Association for allegedly obscuring the truth about guns.

The organization argues in the document, “The National Rifle Association (NRA) has blocked federal funding for gun violence prevention research since 1996, preventing us from knowing what works to prevent gun injuries and fatalities… As a result, we now know far less than we need to about what works to prevent the more than 30,000 gun deaths and 70,000 gun injuries that occur every year.”

The CDF also claims that the NRA is blatantly lying when it says that it works within the current legal system. “The NRA [with Congress’ help] has actively prevented enforcement of current gun safety laws,” the document reads, “[by] preventing law enforcement from using gun trace data—data linking crime guns to the retailers that first sold them—in some legal proceedings [… and by] banning ATF’s electronic storage of gun sales records, thereby preventing efficient analysis of data to find suspicious patterns and identify the sources of crime guns.”

Regardless of who is right in the gun debate, performing research to find out the truth about gun violence and crime can help politicians make more informed decisions.

Attempts to suppress research about guns imply that the expected results will somehow be unfavorable. Does that mean that the NRA suspects that research will paint guns in a negative light?

What are your thoughts? Should politicians doggedly pursue the truth? Do you think that the NRA has nothing to fear from gun research, or will the truth become a powerful tools for gun control advocates?

Source: Children's Defense Fund


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