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New Cheerleader At Wisconsin High School Turns Out To Be 33-Year-Old Mom

This is an old story, but it caught our eye and it's definitely interesting.

Everyone knows parents often live vicariously through their children’s sports accomplishments, but this is something else.

Green Bay, Wisconsin woman Wendy Brown faced identity theft charges after authorities discovered she enrolled in high school posing as her daughter in order to relive high school and join the cheerleading team.

"The defendant stated she wanted to get her high school degree and be a cheerleader because she had no childhood and was trying to regain a part of her life she missed," court records state.

Brown, 33, had the staff at Ashwaubenon High School fooled, too. The only reason administrators suspected anything of her is because she quit showing up to school after the first day of class. Prior to the school year starting, Brown attended cheerleading camp, received a cheerleader’s locker, and went to a pool party at the cheerleading coach’s house.

Brown’s 15-year-old daughter who she was posing as lived in Nevada with her grandmother at the time. The grandmother reported that Brown has a history of identity theft crimes.

After investigating, school administrators reported Brown to police, and she was charged with identity theft.

That potential $10,000 fine was problematic for Brown, since the $134 check she wrote to the school for her cheerleading uniform bounced. 

According to the Daily Mail, Brown was ultimately committed to three years in a mental facility.

Sources: NY Daily News, City Pages


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