New Book "Chicks with Guns" -- It's Just What You Think

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So you want to publish a coffee table book that features women with their guns. What do you call it? Well, "Chicks with Guns" works just fine.

Interestingly, it's a lot more artistic than one would think. The title sort of cheapens the quality photos.

Billed as a "cultural portrait of women gun owners," women from all of the United States, 86 in all, are featured posing with their precious firearms. 

The West University Examiner writes:

Exploring an indelible part of the American identity, the collection of photographs examines issues of self-image and gender through the visual conventions of portraiture and fashion photography. The book presents firearms not as superimposed props but as the very personal lifestyle accessories of the women portrayed.

It will be released on September 20. This is the cover:


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