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New 'Black Lives Matter' Billboard Has Memphis Residents Talking

A billboard in Memphis, Tennessee, is starting a conversation among members of the community because of its unique spin on “black lives matter.”

The controversial billboard reads: “Black lives matter. So let’s quit killing each other.”

Fred Davis, a civil rights activist and no stranger to controversial billboards, put up the sign in an effort to send an important message to locals.

“We're going to have to wake up,” Davis said, referring to the black community. “We're going to have to say to ourselves that black lives matter, and we're going to have to refrain from killing each other out of our own frustration.”

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In September 2013, Davis put up a billboard encouraging young men to pull up their pants. It read: "Show Your Mind. Not Your Behind."

Davis reportedly marched alongside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. before his assassination, and he was the first black chairman on the Memphis City Council, according to WMC Action News 5.

After a number of high-profile cases of unarmed black men being killed by white police, Davis hopes his words will inspire fellow members of the black community to create change from within.

“I can speak, not from reading a book about the history, [but] because I was a part of the history,” Davis said. “I think that gives me a license as an experienced observer to push and to advocate to the black community: Let's stop it." 

Sources: My Fox AL, WMC Action News 5 / Photo Source: WMC Action News 5


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