New Bill Bans People Convicted Of Terrorist Activity From Collecting Food Stamps


The No Welfare For Terrorists Act is aptly named - the new bill, introduced by Republican Rep.  Bruce Poliquin of Maine, would prevent those convicted of terrorist activity from receiving federal food stamps.

“I am shocked that our current law does not prevent the criminals who have been convicted of plotting and carrying out acts of terrorism against innocent Americans from getting welfare benefits,” Poliquin said on his website. “Terrorist victims and their families should never be forced to fund those who harmed them.  This bill guarantees this will never happen.”

Currently, federal law prohibits those who have been convicted of certain violent crimes like rape and murder from receiving food assistance, the Washington Times reported. Poliquin said this bill is intended to close a loophole that would allow terrorists to receive aid through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, also known as SNAP.

It’s unclear if anyone convicted of terrorism has ever received food assistance. The bill has since been referred to the House Committee on Agriculture.

Sources: Rep. Bruce Poliquin, Washington Times, U.S. Congress / Photo credit:  Rep. Bruce Poliquin

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