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New Bank Ad Features Twin Sisters, Straight and Lesbian (Video)

NatWest Bank, a bank in the UK, recently aired a commercial featuring twin sisters, one of whom is straight and the other gay.

The sisters are seen embracing and declaring their love for their respective husband and girlfriend.

A YouTube user who goes by the handle of "Gavin Rolph" uploaded the video (below) and slammed it as "Blatant NWO Homosexual Social Programming." The NWO apparently stands for "New World Order."

Rolph adds several of his own anti-gay derogatory comments in texts above the ad, notes

After declaring "The Media is of the Devil," Rolph added a strange clip that compares Prince William and President Obama to the actor who played the devil in "The Bible" miniseries.

Ironically, anti-gay proponents often use the example of identical twins who share the same DNA, but do not share the same sexual orientation, as proof that homosexuals are not "born gay."

However, it appears that Rolph missed his opportunity.

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