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New Balloon Promises to Take Passengers to Edge of Space (Video)

World View Enterprises in Tucson, Ariz., recently announced that it completed a test flight of a high-altitude balloon and capsule from Roswell, N.M.

World View Enterprises CEO Jane Poynter told The Independent that the customized balloon set a world record for the highest parafoil flight at 120,000 feet.

The high-tech balloon is being developed to take paying passengers to the edge of space, 100,000 feet above the earth's surface, in 2016 (video below).

According to Poynter, six passengers (at a time) will float for about two hours.

The company's website states:

Introductory ticket pricing is offered at $75,000 per passenger. A small security deposit of $5,000 guarantees this price and the earliest available seat. With your deposit, you’ll receive insider access to milestone events and team briefings.

Sources: and The Independent


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