New App: White Males Pay For Their 'Privilege' (Video)

A new app enables users to split restaurant bills so that white males pay more based on their white privilege (video below).

According to its website, the EquiTable app uses information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and helps "avoid the entrenched discrimination that exists in our society." The app does not spit the bill equally, rather equitably, and users pay what they "should to balance out the wage gap." 

Alternet notes that when the restaurant bill arrives, people enter their race and gender and the total cost of the meal. The app then assigns everyone their part of the bill. People who have the least amount of privilege in the U.S. pay the least amount of money.

The tongue-in-cheek, but completely real, app won the grand prize at Cultivated Wit's Comedy Hack Day competition in February 2016.

Luna Malbroux, a comedian and the brains behind app told The Huffington Post, "When I hear people talk about the wage gap, I mainly hear the statistics of 77 cents or 78 cents, and those numbers differ for women of color and men of color."

"So I thought a bill splitting app would be a fun way to pull actual statistics from the Bureau of Labor and expand what we hear about the wage gap so more people are included in the conversation," Malbroux added.

The app was originally called Equipay, but the name was changed to EquiTable for good reason.

"I have seen a lot of outrage," Malbroux stated. "We [changed] our name because there is actually another Equipay that helps people shop online, and their great team has unfortunately gotten a lot of the hate-mail meant for us."

The app states on its site: "When dining out with a high privilege group, EquiTable automatically adds a Pay It Forward Surcharge. This fee subsidizes meals for others and funds EquiTable's charitable arm."

In other words, if white males are dining with white males, the surcharge goes to EquiTable's charity.

The app is expected to be available for download in a few weeks.

Sources: Alternet, The Huffington Post, EquiTableapp / Photo Credit: Cultivated Wit/YouTube

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