New App Allows Users to Mark the Address of Gun Owners


A new app called Gun Geo Marker allows users to track and monitor the locations of “irresponsible gun owners.”

The website argues that the app could help parents avoid gun violence against children by raising awareness and by making it easier to avoid risky gun owners.

The app allows users to mark a location and then add detailed information about how the gun owner is dangerous or irresponsible. For example, the website says, “Does a gun owner you know fail to use a gun lock? If you know of such a gun owner, mark the the [sic] location at which they store their firearm with the Gun Geo Marker App.”

The website acknowledges that Americans have a right to bear arms and it discourages users from reporting general gun enthusiasts or hunters because “These are normally the people who have the highest level of commitment to gun safety, and abide by the laws regulating their hobby.” Instead, the website suggests that users target gun owners who “frequently displays or brandishes weapons” or who makes verbal threats mentioning a gun during confrontations.

The so-called “name and shame” gun control strategy has been a hot topic ever since the Sandy Hook shooting tragedy. The New York Times was under fire after it published a document listing the addresses of registered gun owners. On the other side of the coin, a Louisiana bill made it illegal to disclose the names of gun owners, meaning that the Gun Geo Marker would probably be illegal within state lines.

This app is kind in a tough middle ground. On the one hand, the app targets gun owners and implies that they are doing something wrong. On the other hand, it’s perfectly legal for a person to complain about a neighbor’s guns. This app is no more illegal than complaining about guns on a blog or on a Facebook post. The app simply allows users to store all of their gun complaints in one organized database. Ironically, this app could allow gun control advocates to create an incomplete national database of gun owners despite the fact that it’s illegal for the federal government to create such a list.

What do you think about this app? Is it perfectly harmless or a major invasion of privacy?

Source: Gun Geo Marker


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