ISIS Supporters Mock Al-Qaeda Group's Failed Attack On Pakistani Navy Ship

A newly formed al-Qaeda group on the Indian Subcontinent carried out its first attack Sept. 6 in Pakistan. It did not go well for them. 

“It was a complete failure, they did not do any kind of damage, some were captured and we caught more, seven so far and may be more to come. They were well-equipped and came with the intention of taking a ship into their custody but they were caught in the initial stages,” an unnamed source close to the continuing investigation told The Telegraph

The Huffington Post reports that the men, who were said to be part of al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent, or AQIS, had planned to storm and occupy an American aircraft carrier in the Pakistani port city of Karachi. 

Instead, when the group arrived in the port they found only a Pakistani navy ship. They attacked it anyway and were easily fought off by the ship’s personnel.

Three of the jihadists were killed and four were arrested on the scene. Three more men were arrested later in connection with the attack.

An AQIS spokesman released a statement the following Thursday.

“The Naval officers who were martyred on Saturday in the attack on Karachi were al-Qaeda members. They were trying to attack American Marines and their cronies,” read the statement. “The Pakistani military men who died defending enemies of the Muslim nation … are cursed with hell.”

AQIS claims that all the men who carried out the attack were once members of the Pakistani navy. Pakistani officials deny this, saying that only one of the 10 attackers had served in the navy. 

AQIS was announced as a sub-group of al-Qaeda by terrorist leader Ayman al-Zawahri only days before the failed attack. 

The formation of the terrorist cell was seen by many as an attempt by al-Zawahri to regain relevance on the global stage as much of the world’s attention has shifted to the Islamic State, the group often referred to as ISIS, which is responsible for much of the recent violence in Syria and Iraq.

News of the failed AQIS attack was met with mockery by Islamic State supporters according to the Daily Mail. Al-Qaeda has become irrelevant, they say, arguing that carrying out an attack without the goal of capturing territory, as the Islamic State is doing in Iraq and Syria, is a waste of time.

Sources: The Telegraph, The Huffington Post, Daily Mail

Photo Source: Pak Armed ForcesWikipedia


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