New Air Force Cargo Planes Sent Straight to Boneyard


The Pentagon will continue to order an Italian made aircraft, despite sending $50 million worth of the cargo planes to the boneyard because it has no use for them.

Seventeen brand new C-27 J Spartans were shipped to an Air Force boneyard in Arizona, according to the Dayton Daily News. Some 4,400 aircrafts and 13 aerospace vehicles worth $35 million currently reside at that same boneyard unused.

According to national security analyst Ethan Rosenkranz the C-27 J has the unique capability of taking off and landing on crude runways, though it was deemed a luxury for the Pentagon, which is undergoing sequestrian cuts.

However, according to Air Force spokesperson Darryl Mayer, it is not cost effective to cancel the Pentagon’s contract with Italian manufacturer Alenia Aermacchi, even though the planes are not needed.

"They are too near completion for a termination to be cost effective,” Mayer said, “and other government agencies have requested the aircraft.”

Local politics appear to have influenced the continued manufacturing of the aircraft.

Odio senators Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman defended the C-27 J when 800 jobs at Mansfield Air National Guard Base depended on it. In 2011, Brown wrote a letter urging the military to purchase 42 of the aircraft, noting that buying too few would weaken national and homeland defense.

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