New Account of George Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin Shooting


One month has passed since neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman fatally shot a black teenager in his Sanford, Florida, community and additional details of the shooting are still coming to light.

A new account of the moments leading up to Trayvon Martin's death -- leaked from police files -- corroborates Zimmerman's initial claim of self defense.

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According to Sanford Police's version of events, Martin was the one who initially attacked Zimmerman, suddenly punching the night watchman in the face and knocking him to the ground. The account contends that Martin proceeded to bash Zimmerman's head against the sidewalk several times before Zimmerman finally shot the unarmed teen.

The Sanford Police Department, which has been under increasing pressure to make an arrest in the case, both condemned the information leak and confirmed that the story was an accurate portrayal of an account given to the State Attorney's office -- the same office currently deliberating whether or not it has enough evidence to file charges against Zimmerman.

These latest details emerged just days after an attorney for the Martin family disclosed that Trayvon had been suspended Miami Gardens high school and was serving that suspension at the time he was shot. Miami Gardens high school officials confirmed that Trayvon Martin had been issued a temporary suspension for getting caught on school grounds with a small plastic bag that contained marijuana residue.

The newest revelations in the case may complicate the State Attorney's decision to indict, though it's important to note that the leaked Sanford Police account was based primarily on Zimmerman's own discussion with officers at the crime scene.

None of Zimmerman's remarks have been corroborated by outside sources, and many of them seem to directly contradict both eyewitness testimony at the scene and 911 phone records of the incident.

Check out our gallery of Trayvon Martin protest photos.

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