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Nevada Woman Killed Neighbor's Dog Because She Believed It Killed Her Pet Ducklings, Police Say

A Nevada woman has been charged with animal cruelty after allegedly shooting and killing a neighbor’s puppy because she believed the dog had killed her two ducklings, officials with the Nye County Sheriff’s Office said.

Police arrested 40-year-old Maria Furtado, of Pahrump, on Aug. 9, the Las Vegas Sun reports. She has been charged with animal cruelty, two counts of neglect or abuse of a child, and petit larceny.

Police allege Furtado took the puppy, named Duke, from her neighbor’s property and drove it and her sons — ages 15 and 3 — to the desert. Once there, police say, Furtado shot the puppy at least once with a pistol. She then gave the gun to her 15-year-old and made him shoot the dog as well, police allege. 

The dog’s owners, Skye Turpin and Rick Wills, told KVVU News they are upset over the whole incident. 

“When we found out she actually did that, it was just unbelievable,” Wills said. 

He told KVVU that Furtado’s husband was the one who tipped him off as to what happened to the dog. 

Wills suggested he was aware of what happened to the ducklings. 

“My boys were over there, and they were helping (Furtado) do some moving and cleaning up of the yard, and she put the dogs in the backyard with the ducks,” he explained. 

But neither Willis nor Turpin could understand why the death of the ducklings would lead to their dog’s death. 

“That was sick,” Turpin said. “I don’t know what she was thinking — to make your 15-year-old help you shoot the dog or force him to.”

A judge set Furtado’s bail at $25,000 on Aug. 12. It has not been reported whether she remains in custody. 

She is due to appear in court next week, according to KVVU. 

Sources: Las Vegas Sun, KVVU / Photo credit: Nye County Sheriff’s Office via  KVVU


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