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Pickup Truck Driver Pulls Gun On Motorcyclist In Nevada (Video)

A video (below) posted on YouTube on Jan. 30 shows the driver of a red pickup truck pointing a gun at a motorcyclist in a bizarre episode of road rage in Nevada.

"This was literally the first and last time that I will ever go up to somebody's window and confront them," the anonymous motorcyclist told KTNV. "I could have ended up dead. I have a wife and kids that I want to come home to."

In the video, the driver of the truck appears to give the finger to some bikers.

Moments later, one of the motorcyclists confronts the driver and passengers by tapping on the truck's window.

The passenger side window comes down, the driver points a gun at the motorcyclist and all three men inside the vehicle begin cursing.

The motorcyclist wrote on his YouTube page: "Stay safe out there everyone, you never know what kind of person you are going to be dealing with at the end of the day. I am thankful to be alive. That sounds crazy to say, I am glad the gun didn't go off. Even if it would have been an accident, because he clearly don't seem to know how to handle the weapon."

Henderson, Nevada police are conducting an investigation; the red truck had a Texas license plate.


(Gun part happens at 2:15 mark)

Sources: KTNV, YouTUbe / Photo Credit: Subliminal Moto YouTube Screenshot

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