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Nevada Police Arrest Man For Criticizing Their Parking, Seize Cameras (Video)

It has been a bad week for Nevada police.

First they were sued for forcing residents out of their homes so they could be used as surveillance spots in an investigation. Now video has surfaced of them arresting a man for criticizing their parking and stealing a camera from a witness who filmed the arrest.

The video and arrest took place three months ago. A man was using his cell phone to film the parking jobs of police officers who were entering a casino. To be fair, he was being pretty instigative and obnoxious toward the officers. But still, that does not warrant an arrest.

The officers approached the man and told him to turn off his camera. After a few heated words back and forth, one officer tackled the man to the ground, seized his camera and placed him under arrest. A witness recorded the arrest and was then approached by the police officers. After asking him to turn his camera over for evidence, the officer appears to grab the man’s arm and take the camera from him.

The arrested man reportedly faces two counts of obstruction and goes on trial next month.

Check out the two videos below. The top one is the video of the man who was arrested. The second is the witness video. 

Sources: Inquisitr, Photography Is Not A Crime


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