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Nevada Lawmaker Says U.S. Should Expect Americans to 'Fire Back' (Video)

Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore (R) recently expressed her support for law-breaking rancher Cliven Bundy. She also said that the U.S. government should expect Americans to "fire back."

During an interview with MSNBC's Chris Hayes on Friday, Fiore was asked if she recognized the authority of the federal government (video below).

"I recognize our federal government overstepped and overreached in our state of Nevada," said Fiore. "That's what I recognize. I recognize we have a lot of issues to conclude. We also have the spotlight on Nevada right now... I'm recognizing this was handled totally incompetent [sic] and I'm questioning the BLM."

Fiore added,  "Don't come here with guns and expect the American people not to fire back," noted

Hayes asked Fiore how she would feel if armed militias opposed the federal government over the deportation of an undocumented immigrant.

"Are we talking about cows or illegal immigration, Chris? Because I'm talking about cows," Fiore snapped.

"I'm talking about human beings," Hayes stated.

"Human beings, that thank God, did not get slaughtered, but cows did get slaughtered out here," said Fiore.

"What is going to happen to those cows later on?" Hayes fired back.

Also on Friday, lawmakers from Utah, Idaho, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Wyoming, Oregon and Washington met for a “Legislative Summit on the Transfer of Public Lands," reports

"Those of us who live in the rural areas know how to take care of lands," Montana State Sen. Jennifer Fielder said on Friday. "We have to start managing these lands. It's the right thing to do for our people, for our environment, for our economy and for our freedoms."

"There is a distinct difference in the way federal agencies are managing the federal lands today," added Fielder. "They used to do a good job, but they are hamstrung now with conflicting policies, politicized science, and an extreme financial crisis at the national level. It makes it impossible for these federal agencies to manage the lands responsibly anymore."

Fielder did not give any examples of "politicized science."

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