Nevada HOA Reprimands Homeowner Over Halloween-Themed For-Sale Sign (Video)


A Henderson, Nevada, resident said her homeowners association went too far when it cited her for posting a fake, Halloween-themed “for sale” sign in her yard.

The sign, which instructed potential buyers to call “Frank E. Stein” by dialing 666 on their “morbid phone,” was mistakenly thought to be real when an HOA inspector happened upon it — prompting the inspector to cite the homeowner for having an unapproved for-sale sign, KTNV reports.

The community manager ultimately apologized when it was found to be a Halloween decoration, but homeowner Brittany Gentry said they should’ve been more attentive.

“Has anyone actually looked at the sign?” Gentry told KTNV. “It says, ‘A haunted house for sale, text on your morbid phone.’ Clearly no one had looked at this.”

Homeowners associations have been known to cause controversy in neighborhoods throughout the country. A recent story about a Texas couple being cited for putting giant dinosaur statues in their yard sparked outrage among readers across the Internet. 

Sources: KTNVABC News / Photo credit: KTNV


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