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Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval Aims to Veto Bill Requiring Universal Background Checks

A bill that would require background checks on all gun sales in the state of Nevada has passed the Assembly with a 23-19 vote. From there, the bill is on its way to Gov. Brian Sandoval’s (R) desk, where it will likely meet its permanent end as Sandoval said he intends to veto the bill.

Legislators could overturn the veto, but it is not likely. A 23-19 vote in the Assembly does not leave much room for debate, and the bill also just barely squeaked by an Assembly Judiciary Committee. The bill probably will not earn enough votes the second time through to overturn the veto.

It is not surprising that the bill has such fierce opposition considering its strong gun control language. In addition to forcing background checks, the bill also requires faster court findings of mental illness, and it also forces doctors to report patients who make specific threats involving themselves or others.

Sen. Justin Jones (D) explained the extra provisions were added as a last minute backup in case the bill did not pass the Assembly Judiciary Committee.

Assemblyman Ira Hansen argued, “Punish all the law-abiding people by forcing them in all these private party sales to go through a gun store and a background check – there’s actually zero evidence that those [strategies] will stop these sorts of situations.”

Assemblyman William Horne countered, “But what I think I can promise you is that this law will be better than what we have today.”

Clearly, universal background checks are a hot topic in Nevada. Despite all the debate, it appears that Nevada will simply maintain the status quo as gun rights legislators, backed by their Republican governor, and will continue to vote against background checks. 

Source: Kolo TV


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