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Nevada Deputy Enters Fenced-In Yard, Kills Family Dog (Video)

A Nye County Sheriff's deputy entered a fenced-in yard and fatally shot a dog belonging to a world-record holding power lifter in Pahrump, Nevada, on April 10 (video below).

Deputy John Tolle's body cam footage was recently released, notes KTNV, and could possibly contradict his version of the incident.

Tolle was responding to an alarm at Gary Miller's residence, which Miller said he accidentally set off and canceled with the alarm company.

In the body cam footage, Tolle opened a gate to enter the fenced-in property, and walked up to Miller's home.

At about that time, Miller's dog came running toward Tolle who calmly spoke to himself: "Oh, don’t be mean. Don’t be vicious. Oh, don’t do it doggie. Don’t do it doggie. Stop it. Stop it."

The pit bull was about ten feet away when Tolle opened fire.

According to the Daily Mail, Tolle fired four shots, and the dog fell off a concrete walkway.

After Miller opened his front door and walked out, Tolle told him: "Let me see your hands, man!"

"Did you shoot my dog?" Miller asked.

"He just attacked me!" Tolle insisted. "He's attacking me!"

Tolle also said, "The dog came after me!" but Miller told him: "The dog was coming up to you!"

Tolle responded: "Well, he was barking and growling like he was coming to bite me."

Gina Greisen with Nevada Voters for Animals told KTNV that she was horrified by the body cam video:

That was completely unjustified. ... He's running up to see what's going on. It's his property. That's his property! But he's not even doing it in an aggressive running manner. He's jogging up to the front. I'm horrified by this video.

According to a press release from the sheriff's office, the dog "charged the deputy, [and] attempted to attack him."

The dog does not attack Tolle in the video, but does run toward him.

The sheriff's office also called the dog an "aggressive animal."

Miller countered: "If the dog's wagging his tail, even if he's barking and growling, he's no threat. My dog was still wagging his tail when he was laying on the ground bleeding to death."

According to Miller, his alarm company -- Pahrump Central Security -- told the sheriff's office the alarm call was false, but Nye County Sheriff Sharon Wehrly denied it on her end: "I checked that. There was no record."

Pahrump Central Security does have a record of contacting the sheriff's office, and speaking to a dispatcher named Ashley who said the deputy was in route, but would be notified.

Miller had a question for authorities: "Ask them why they cremated the body of the dog without contacting me, without getting consent from me."

KTNV teased that the story had taken a strange twist, which would be revealed on a future broadcast.

Sources: KTNV, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Larry & Teddy Page/Flickr

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