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Nevada Cop Commands Dog To Attack Surrendering Suspect (Video)

Nevada Cop Commands Dog To Attack Surrendering Suspect (Video) Promo Image

Police dash cam video (below) from January recently surfaced of a K-9 unit being turned loose on a suspect who was in the act of surrendering in Reno, Nevada.

According to the Reno Gazette-Journal, the suspect, Eugenio Enrique Corona, has filed a lawsuit against the police for excessive force.

The incident reportedly began when Corona, who was wanted for a probation violation, led sheriff's deputies on a high-speed chase.

After Corona crashed his pickup truck, he tried to run away. Corona seems to then realize he cannot escape, so he kneels down and put his hands on his head.

The K-9 unit was released on Corona, and an officer shouted: "Get that bad guy! Get that bad guy! Let me see your hands! Get that bad guy!" When Corona reacted normally to protect his body from the dog, the officer shouted: "Stop resisting!" The officer continued to encourage the dog to attack Corona, while telling Corona not to resist.

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Another officer was heard telling Corona: "Stop resisting! Just f***** relax!"

When an officer finally pulled the dog away from Corona, the dog appeared to have something in its mouth.

According to Corona's lawsuit, Deputy Jason Wood released the dog, while Deputy Francisco Gamboa accused him of resisting arrest and punched him in the face.

Corona's lawyers, Terri Keyser-Cooper and Luke Busby, wrote in the lawsuit: "The surrender was unequivocal: (Corona) was on his knees with his hands above his head. No reasonable officer could have construed (Corona's) actions as anything other than a complete surrender."

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Corona was charged with violation of probation by possessing a firearm and methamphetamine. He pleaded not guilty, and is currently in the Washoe County Jail.

Washoe County Sheriff's spokesman Bob Harmon refused to comment to the Reno Gazette-Journal on Corona's lawsuit, while Assistant District Attorney Paul Lipparelli told the newspaper that he had not seen the lawsuit.

According to Corona's lawyers, the deputies commanded the dog to attack Corona to punish him for fleeing.

When KRNV reported on the incident in January there was no mention of the police dog being turned loose on Corona.

Washoe County Sheriff's Deputy Jeff McCaskill said at the time that deputies and U.S. Marshals apprehended Corona, who was described as a wanted fugitive.

McCaskill added that officers believed that shots had been fired, a firearm was found, but no shell casings were recovered.

At the time, police suggested that shots may have been fired into homes, and residents were asked to come forward with information.

Sources: Reno Gazette-Journal, KRNV / Photo credit: Michael Pereckas/Flickr, Tim Evanson/Flickr, The State Journal

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