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Nerf Gun Battle at Cleveland-Area School Generates Police Response

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Cleveland-area police responded with every available unit after it received a call that shots had been fired at the Open Door Christian School on Wednesday, only to discoverer a Nerf gun fight outside of the school.

Police said the confusion began when a staff member sent a text to her daughter saying someone had shot a Nerf gun at her office window. The daughter misinterpreted the text, mistaking it for real gunfire, and called police.

The call was received around 1p.m. when sheriff’s deputies, rangers and firefighters rushed to the scene.

When the emergency team arrived, they were surprised to find that nothing appeared to be wrong with the school or church.

“People were shocked that we were there,” Elyria police Capt. Christopher Costantino said.

Despite appearances, police immediately put the school in lockdown and created a perimeter around the property.

After 15 minutes under lockdown, the first day of school was allowed to resume, police having found no threat of gunfire.

Head of Schools Denver Daniel said he was impressed with the speed at which police arrived.

It has been nearly 24 years since the Cleveland elementary school shooting that made national headlines, prompting anti-gun activists to ask why the mentally ill and people with criminal history had such easy access to guns.

Sources: The Chronicle-Telegram, WTOP


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