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Police Arrest A Man Who Attempted To Burglarize His Deceased Aunt's Home After Her Funeral (Video)

Philadelphia police have arrested the nephew of a murder victim who was allegedly strangled to death by her husband last week.

Steven Anderson, 32, allegedly broke into his aunt’s home after her funeral Monday because he learned the house was empty.

Connie Murray, 46, was found strangled to death in a park on Aug. 4. Her husband Christopher Murray, 48, was arrested and confessed to the murder, the Daily Mail reports.

The couple’s two young daughters are currently in the custody of relatives.

Murray’s neighbor reported two men trying to break into her home at 2 a.m. on Wednesday.

“A very vigilant and diligent neighbor had been keeping an eye on the house noticed two males prying the back door and decided to call 9-1-1,” said Lt. Dennis Rosenbaum.

When authorities responded to the call, Anderson allegedly told police that he was just checking on the home with his friend Brandon Howard, 27. There was a crowbar found in their possession. Philadelphia police say both men are career burglars.

“It's without words to do that. The family's already victimized,” Rosenbaum said.

Both suspects are charged with attempted burglary.

Murray’s neighbor Tom Fogarty, who lives across the street, says he’s still keeping a close eye on the place.

“Let everybody else know, everybody's watching. Everybody's watching,” Fogarty told WTXF-TV.

Sources: WTXF-TVDaily Mail

Image screenshot: YouTube / WLNE‑TV, Facebook


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