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Nelson Torres Used 'Illuminati' Lie to Solicit Sex from Teen Girls

Nelson Torres was arrested in Elyria, Ohio in December 2012 for allegedly telling two teen girls they would receive points that could be converted into money from the Illuminati, if they agreed to have sex with him.

Torres plead guilty on Tuesday to felony gross sexual imposition and misdemeanor sexual imposition charges.

As part of his plea bargain, Torres will likely get probation and a maximum of 90 days in the Lorain County Jail, notes The Chronicle-Telegram.

The Illuminati reportedly existed in the late 1700s in Bavaria, but conspiracy theorists think the secret elite society exists today and is ushering the world into slavery as part of the "New World Order."

According to court papers, an unidentified teenage girl claimed that Torres told her about a secret group that she could join and earn points by performing sex acts.

When the girl agreed later in the day, Torres allegedly took her into a bedroom and told the teen that the Illuminati were watching them with hidden cameras.

Torres reportedly told the girl to remove her clothes and began to touch her. That's when the teen changed her mind and left.

The girl then told her teen sister who claimed that Torres had made a similar proposition and touched her sexually.

Jeff Brown, Torres’ attorney, claims that Torres took the plea deal to spare the teens a trial.

“I don’t think all the allegations were true. I believe a lot of this was innuendo and suppositions that were blown out of proportion," said Brown.

Source: The Chronicle-Telegram and


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