Neighbors Shame Each Other Over Water Use (Video)


California Governor Jerry Brown called for a 20 percent decrease in Californians' water use in January in response to the state-wide drought.

So far, the Golden State's water use has only dropped five percent, noted The New York Times.

Folsom and Sacramento, Calif. passed laws against using too much water, reported The Sacramento Bee in January.

In Sacramento, neighbors are actually turning each other in for water wasting.

So far this year, the city has gotten more than 8,000 calls on its water-use complaint line.

“Our water use complaint calls have gone up exponentially from the last 2 years,” Terrance Davis, of the city department of utilities, told CBS Sacramento (video below).

“Obviously we can’t see everything, can’t be everywhere so having people in the community helping us out, residents, neighbors, reporting those types of things is a great tool for us too,” added Davis.

Neighbors are also tattling on each other via social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

“Frankly when your lawn looks as bad as mine does you sort of want to encourage others to stop watering concrete,” said resident Karen Halbo.

Her neighbor Pam Ferko added, "I think my husband has been guilty of coming out late at night and doing a little secretive watering underneath the trees."

Sources: CBS Sacramento, The New York Times, The Sacramento Bee


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