Neighbors Find Dog Living In Deplorable Conditions Inside Kansas City Home


A barking dog in Kansas City, Missouri, prompted neighbors to investigate and ultimately discover the dog living in deplorable conditions.

The dog, named Goldie, had been reportedly barking loudly on a regular basis for months, but neighbors ignored it. 

“I heard him barking and raising everything and hell,” Marlin Fye said. 

Eventually, Fye and other neighbors realized the barking was a cry for help. Goldie had been bound to a a concrete block using a short rope, and was severely wounded and malnourished. “For a while I was feeding him because you could see his ribs,” an anonymous neighbor said.

When neighbors started trying to help, they would be kicked off the property by Goldie’s owner. Animal Control was ultimately called, and instructed the owner to improve his dog’s living conditions.

“I bathe him, I take care of him, he's just a puppy,” the owner said. “I don't know why he's walking in his own feces, but he's on that chain ‘til I go get him one. I don't have no money, I'm on a fixed income bro."

Animal Control officials informed the owner of a group that helps to pay for animal care, though he has yet to utilize their services.

“I can afford to take care of it. He got dog food everything,” Goldie’s owner said. A city spokesperson said they would continue to monitor the situation to ensure that Goldie is being taken care of. 

A similar incident, in which a dog was discovered to be living in poor conditions — as well as amongst dogfighting paraphernalia — occurred in Baltimore last June. 

Sources: KCTV, WBALTV / Photo credit: KCTV


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