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Police Say Someone Put Beehives In Car's Trunk (Video)

Authorities in Massachusetts say an unknown individual may have intentionally placed a beehive inside someone's vehicle (video below).

Police were called in after neighbors reported a swarm of bees on June 19 both inside the car itself and around the neighborhood in Fitchburg, WCVB reports.

“There was a lot of ambulances and police cars down there,” one witness said.

Many felt too unsafe to leave their homes because of how many bees were swarming the community.

“Being allergic I was kind of worried but, I mean, we went across the street and they were in that area so I was just watching from a close but safe distance. I was just going around the houses, like around the back just to avoid the bees,” said neighbor Pedro Viscaino.

Police say only one woman ended up being stung by a bee on the nose. No other injuries were reported.

The bees were initially placed inside the back of the vehicle, police say. They were soon released into the neighborhood after someone cracked open the trunk slightly.

Beekeepers were called in to inspect the car and remove the insects.

Police are investigating why the bees were placed inside the vehicle and who may have done it.

It’s not the first vehicle carrying bees that has captured national attention in June, Palm Beach Post reports.

A truck on its way from Florida to New York that was carrying more than 400 beehives got involved in an accident in North Carolina.

Reports indicate a single beehive usually contains up to 20,000 bees -- which means more than 9 million bees were unleashed onto first responders and a beekeeper called to the scene.

"It was very scary. I didn't know where they were coming from,” Bob Stephens, a witness, recalled, adding that he was stung more than 50 times.

Police and beekeepers got the entire mess cleaned up the same day. Only one person was taken to the hospital for stings.

Sources: WCVB, Palm Beach Post / Photo credit: WCVB

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