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Dog Barks And Saves Owner's Life

A dog has been credited with saving the life of its owner earlier this year by barking to attract attention.

A 62-year-old woman collapsed inside her Northvale, New Jersey, home in late July, reported.

Police believe she had been lying semi-conscious on the bathroom floor for several days when two women out for a walk heard something.

“My daughter heard Sammy bark and heard glass breaking,” Meg Verdigi told

Verdigi’s daughter, Melanie, approached her neighbor’s house and noticed Sammy, a houd mix, had smashed through the glass next to the front door. Melanie called her mother on her cell phone.

“She said 'I think the dog broke the window. And the dog is barking,’” Meg said. “She asked should she call the police. I said, 'Yes. Call the police.’”

When police arrived, officers reached through the broken window to unlock the door. When there was no response to their calls, they entered the home and found the woman lying face down on the floor and “breathing with little verbal response,” the police report stated.

“We believe that the dog inside the home heard the two women talking as they walked past,” added Northvale Police Chief William Essmann. “The dog broke the glass with its paws in an attempt to get their attention, which led to their owner being rescued.”

Essmann said Sammy suffered minor injuries to a front paw after breaking the glass, according to

Sammy and Bella, the woman’s second dog, were taken care of by Melanie for a short time. The dogs were then placed in an animal shelter until the woman could return home after recovering in hospital.

Meg said the woman had always been close to her pets.

“She loved her animals. Loved them,” she told “They're very sweet dogs.”

Sources: / Photo credit: Meg Verdigi via

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