Neighborhood Watch Leader George Zimmerman Kills Unarmed Teen

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In Sanford, Florida, "The Retreat at Twin Lakes" neighborhood watch leader George Zimmerman (pictured, left) called police to report Trayvon Martin as a suspicious person, but by the time police arrived, Zimmerman had shot and killed the 17-year-old boy (video below).

According to NBC News, Martin stepped outside his father's house on Feb. 26. They were watching the NBA All-Star Game and it was half-time.

Martin walked down the street to a local convenience store, where he bought a can of iced tea and a packet of Skittles. On his way back home he noticed an older man in his late twenties was following him in a car.

"What's your problem?" Trayvon asked.

Moments later Martin was lying on his back in a patch of grass, a single gunshot wound to his chest, fired by Zimmerman, who was licensed to carry a concealed weapon.

The 26-year-old .Zimmerman claimed he had been forced to shoot Martin in self-defense.

However, Sabrina Fulton, Martin's mother, said: “I think it’s just profiling, I think it has something to do with the fact that he was a young black African-American kid. I don’t know why he became suspicious.”

Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee said on Monday that an arrest had not been made because there was no evidence to contradict Zimmerman’s version of events. The case is expected to be turned over to the State Attorney’s Office.


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