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Neighborhood Tire Vandal Revealed As Border Collie (Video)

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After their car tires were repeatedly punctured over the past six months, residents of the English town Brampton were relieved to find the culprit.

A border collie, named Jess, would sink its teeth into tires on a daily basis throughout the neighborhood. It’s rumored that the dog was hit by a car and has since taken its revenge on other people’s tires.

“Apparently it was run over about and 18 months ago and it seems to have a thing about cars,” Anne Taylor, who caught the dog on camera, said.

Though many of the neighborhood’s residents had seen Jess near their cars, they believed she had merely been sniffing them. It wasn’t until Taylor took a closer look at the footage that she realized Jess was biting them.

The owner was contacted and genuinely surprised that Jess had been wreaking havoc throughout the neighborhood. He has since promised to keep his dog on a leash.

Sources: Telegraph, DailyMail


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