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Neighborhood Brings Attention To Speeding Problem With Innovative Yard Sign

A neighborhood in Bentonville, Arkansas is trying to stop the speeding that takes place in the area.

Danita Dyke said drivers use the neighborhood as a shortcut to avoid primary streets, but they end up speeding through.

In Arkansas, the maximum speed limit on residential roads is 30 miles per hour. Residential roads tend to have collisions and speed-based accidents at a higher rate than other types of streets, reports

James Patton, Dyke's son, believes people are driving through the residential area too fast. "People running 45 or 50 [mph], running through the streets," he said. "There's little kids out here, not just ours. We have neighbors and everything like that."

In August, Dyke posted a sign in her front yard as a warning to passing drivers. "We buried our dog last week because you won't slow down. If you hit 1 of my kids, your family may be burying you," the sign cautions. 

The dog isn't real, but many neighbors agree the speeding problem is a serious issue.

"I've only been here for four months, but you can see it in five minutes," Rebecca Aleck, a neighbor, told KNWA. "It does get a little bit hairy out here, especially when you see someone on a wheelchair who's disabled or elderly and people just blow by them."

Charlotte Williams, another resident, is concerned for her grandson. "He's going to be walking in the next year and if we don't get this problem solved then it could be scary for him," she said.

"Once they jump out of a car, or behind a car, run out in front of you, it's going to be too late if you're going at that speed," Patton said.

"We shouldn't have to live in our house as prisons," Patton said. "Yes we need to keep eye on our kids and our animals at that, but accidents do happen. I know everybody's got places to be and places to go, but it's not worth the life of a human."

Sources: KNWA, / Photo credit: Imgur via International Journal Review


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