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Neighbor Stops Jewelry Thief In California Apartment Complex

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A resident of an apartment complex in Walnut Creek, California, is being praised for his decision to respond as quickly as possible after hearing a robbery taking place next door.

The man, Ahmad Jodeh, reportedly heard someone breaking into the apartment adjacent to his, the sound of the robbery waking him up from a nap.According to KTVU, Jodeh had heard 51-year-old James Murdaugh prying open the door of an apartment and attempting to steal a bag of jewelry. 

Jodeh’s decision to stop Murdaugh from getting away with the crime wasn’t without its consequences.

“I ran after him and I tackled him, and then he tried to tase me,” said Jodeh, who was not seriously injured in the incident. "I got the taser away from him, and then he tried to stab me. Well, he did stab me, with a screwdriver, in my leg.”

According to the Blaze, Jodeh had already been recovering from a skydiving accident that injured his pelvis and right leg last fall. He still managed to tackle Murdaugh on the stairs of the apartment complex, and the two wrestled on the ground until the robber was subdued and law enforcement officials arrived. 

Murdaugh happened to be a repeat burglary offender, and this incident marks a violation of his parole. He has since returned to prison and will likely face additional charges for residential burglary and assault with a deadly weapon. 

Walnut Creek Police Sgt. Mike McLaughlin was thankful for Jodeh's actions, but claimed the man voluntarily put himself in a dangerous situation.

"Obviously this neighbor felt confident to handle the situation," said McLaughlin. "A more prudent response would be to call 911 and be a good witness. I wouldn't want to see people put themselves in harm's way."


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