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Neighbor Shoots At Men Allegedly Trying To Steal Elderly Man's Christmas Gifts

A Houston man took matters into his own hands when he caught alleged thieves attempting to steal his 83-year-old neighbor’s Christmas gifts.

Harry Wells was sound asleep when two men broke into his home through the back door and took gifts from underneath his Christmas tree, KHOU reported. Some of the gifts included a flat-screen TV, a mounted deer head and a rifle.

A neighbor spotted the two burglars in Wells’ garage. He reportedly told them to stop, but they didn’t listen.

The suspects attempted to run the neighbor over with their getaway car. The neighbor then shot at the vehicle five times, KPRC-TV reported.

The shots woke up some of the other neighbors, but Wells slept through it.

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“I didn't know anything was going on -- my hearing is so bad -- until a deputy sheriff was in the bedroom,” Wells told KHOU.

Neighbor Diego Contreras, 10, saw the getaway car hit his family’s truck.

“I thought they were going to rob our house. I was like, ‘Dad did you close the garage door, did you lock it? Did you lock all the doors in the house?’ I was shaking,” Diego said.

The two alleged burglars are still at large and police are investigating the incident. The neighbor who confronted them said the burglars “won’t be leaving with their lives” if they ever return to the neighborhood.

Sources: KHOU, KPRC-TV / Photo credit: Screenshot via Daily Mail

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