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Neighbor’s Pit Bulls Kill Family's Dog Just Weeks After Their Child Was Attacked

A family in Oklahoma is mourning the loss of their beloved Boxer, Murdock, after he was killed on Tuesday by a neighbor’s two Pit Bulls that escaped their yard, reports KFOX23.

The family requested that their identity not be revealed as they try to cope with the vicious killing of their 6-year-old pet and the fear they feel because their daughter was also recently the victim of a Pit Bull attack.  

KOKI reported that Mayor Jimmy Tramel has announced his intention to “require pet insurance for large dogs in Pryor because the family’s little girl was attacked by a Pit Bull.”

The family told KFOX23 that they called police Tuesday afternoon to report that two of their neighbor’s dogs were loose, and soon afterward she heard yelping from her back yard and found the two Pit Bulls underneath her deck, killing her dog.  

She called again for the police, who arrived quickly and managed to get the dogs off Murdock, but the beloved pet died shortly after being rushed to a veterinarian.  

 Although the Pit Bulls were impounded, KOKI reports that the owner merely paid a fine and took the dogs home.

“This is the second attack for our family in a 10-week period,” the woman said.

The family’s young daughter was attacked in August by a Pit Bull belonging to a different neighbor, and that dog was euthanized.

However, the woman told KFOX23 that her family is living in fear,  “I don’t want to see another child go through what my daughter went through. And I definitely don’t want to see a child dead.”  

The woman’s fiancé blames the attacks on irresponsible pet owners who don’t have proper facilities to confine their dogs, and people “who believe that you can just simply love the instincts out of the dog--it doesn’t happen,” he said. 

The family supports requiring pet insurance for large dogs as a good first step.

The Mayor said he is targeting big dogs and specifically Pt Bulls. “I’m not being cruel. I’m trying to protect the children,” Tramel said.

The Mayor spoke of the little girl that was attacked by a Pit Bull and he doesn’t believe it is fair to the child and family that the dog’s owner only had to pay the city’s dog at large fine.

“They paid $195 for a dog at large. That’s not right,” Tramel said. “Now the person who got maimed, they’re scarred for life. They have medical costs the rest of their life.”

The owner of the two Pit Bulls who killed Murdock is scheduled in court on Monday, Police said, adding that they hope to file tougher charges.

Source: Fox 23


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