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'Neighbor From Hell': Man Decorates Home With Swastikas

One California man has been labeled the “neighbor from hell” for his display of swastika-covered Israeli and American flags across the front of his home.

Although police visited the man’s home on Monday to discuss the display, which also includes a wooden soldier and a Palestinian flag, there’s nothing they can do about the man’s expression on his property.

When reporters came to his home, he cursed at them and ran back inside. 

“This is ridiculous,” Rick Reader, a nearby resident, said. “See this is ridiculous. That’s crazy.”

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The man reportedly calls the decorations, which light up at night with Christmas lights, his “art”, according to one neighbor.

“I am all for freedom of speech, but this is just too much,” Robbie Rose, one neighbor, said. “I really do want to get out of my car and rip that down.”

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A news conference with lawmakers, veterans and community leaders will be held on Thursday to call on the homeowner to voluntary remove the swastikas, according to Democratic Sen. Marty Block of San Diego.

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Block, chair of the Jewish Caucus, argued that the display insulted American soldiers, and those who were wounded or died fighting the Nazi army or who died in German concentration camps.

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Sources: DailyMail, The Huffington Post / Photo Credit: KCRA via DailyMail


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