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Neighbor Finds Body Of Virginia Woman A Year After Her Death

Investigators believe a Virginia woman may have been dead for more than a year before being found in her mobile home.

A concerned neighbor in Louisa, Virginia, realized he had not seen Toni Anderson for quite some time. On Oct. 23, he climbed through an open window into her mobile home, where he found her body.

Anderson, who would have been 52, most likely died from natural causes, investigators say. She lived alone and, noted Louisa County Sheriff’s Detective Mark Stanton, did not have a job where somebody would have reported that she was missing.

“She wasn’t employed,” Stanton told WTVR. “Her father died three years prior and she was living there by herself.”

Her closest neighbor was approximately 1,000 feet away.

"He was concerned that he had not seen her in a long time," Stanton said, speaking about the neighbor who found Anderson's body.  "When he went over there he got to the door and knocked and no one answered the door. He saw a window was open in the back and he climbed in and called out her name and that's when he found Miss Anderson."

Stanton said that based on dated items found in her home and from calendars on the wall, it is believed that Anderson died between September and December 2014.

Anderson’s body was found in her bed, leading investigators to believe she died in her sleep.

Now police are looking for Anderson's relatives.

“What the sheriff’s office wants to do is help the family seek closure,” Stanton said. “We want to find relatives so that they can make arrangements to get their loved one with them.”

So far, investigators have had no luck finding Anderson’s relatives or loved ones to claim her body and make funeral arrangements. They are asking anybody with information to call the Louisa Sheriff’s Office.

Sources: WTVR, Newsplex / Photo credit: Newsplex

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