Neighbor Complains About Man's Homemade Ice Rink, City Bans It


Jean Christophe Bosse has built a skating rink in his backyard in Sherbrooke, Quebec, during the six month winter for the past five years.

However, the Canadian man got some pushback this year from a neighbor, Normand Grenier.

“I found that, in my kitchen or in my dining room, it created a significant visual impact. My land is 12 feet lower than his … It caused me visual harm,” Grenier told CBC News.

Grenier added that he had to stare at the wall of the rink and listen to the sound of hockey pucks banging around all day.

The City of Sherbrooke told Bosse that the ice rink violated area zoning laws and was going to charge him a large fine if he didn't dismantle the rink.

According to, the ice rink was 40-by-60 feet and included boards and lights.

“The [complaint] doesn’t hold water. It was a family rink,” Bosse told CBC News. “All this kind of decision from the city does is encourage other people to make complaints.”

Bosse claims the zoning law only includes rinks for mixed commercial and residential uses. He plans to challenge the ruling and put his rink back up.

Sources:, CBC News
Image Credit: Henning Schlottmann


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