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Neighbor Calls CPS On Sacramento Mom For Letting Son Play Alone

A mother in Sacramento, California, faces a six-month sentence for letting her child play outside.

Sonya Hendren lives in a gated community and allowed her 4-year-old son, Tomahawk, to play alone at a playground 120 feet from the family's front door, CBS8 reported.

That didn't sit well with neighbor Sonja Horrell, who called Child Protective Services after she said she saw the boy outside without adult supervision for more than 20 minutes one day.

"I thought she would just get a warning, and she wouldn't let [Tomahawk] be out alone again," Horrell told CBS8.

Instead, CPS launched a full investigation, and Hendren was charged with felony child endangerment and neglect. Those charges have been reduced to misdemeanors, but Hendren said she's been unfairly targeted.

"I breast fed for 28 months. I cloth diapered and, you know, obviously avoided helicopter parenting," she told CBS8. "I'm doing everything."

Hendren declined an offer of a reduced sentence, which would have her serve 30 days in jail with one year of probation after release, her attorney told CBS. The Sacramento mom said she plans to fight the remaining charges in court.

"If this happened 20 years ago, we wouldn't be here. There wouldn't be a criminal case filed," said Hendren's attorney, who was not identified by name in the CBS report.

Despite the situation going beyond a simple warning, Horrell said she doesn't regret calling CPS on Hendren.

"How would she feel if he was on an Amber Alert?" she asked. "Then what would she be feeling?"

Source: CBS8 Sacramento / Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

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