Indiana Mom Faces Neglect Charges After Daughters Found Roaming Streets Shoeless

An Indiana woman has been charged with child neglect and a warrant has been issued for her arrest, after police reportedly found her two daughters living in a squalid, Winchester, Indiana, home. 

It took the Randolph County Prosecutor’s Office more than seven months to file the charges, according to WXIN News.

Court documents from the case indicate the girls, ages 5 and 7, were picked up by a Winchester police officer on Nov. 23, 2014, after they were seen crossing the street “recklessly.”

The officer said they were not wearing coats, shoes or socks, despite the temperature being in the low 50s, according to The Star Press of Muncie. 

The girls reportedly begged the officer not to take them back to their home but asked that they be dropped at their grandparents’ house instead. According to documents, the girls said they were afraid of the dog that lived in their home and their ears hurt from their mother yelling at them. 

After leaving the girls with the grandparents, police reportedly visited the girls’ home with two Child Protective Services workers and spoke to the girls’ mother, Britney McCoy, 27.

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McCoy told authorities that she was asleep when the girls left the house and “her girls should have woken her up," according to WXIN.

The two children reportedly told police that they climbed through a window, just two feet from where their mother was sleeping, and jumped to the ground to escape the house. 

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Court documents indicate that authorities who searched the house found the inside littered with trash and dirty clothes. They also reported finding food covered with mold, an inoperable toilet and dog feces on the ground near where the girls slept. Lice was also reportedly found in the girls' hair.

Another adult living in the home was found to be a convicted child molester, according to The Star Press. 

The Winchester Police Department told WXIN that they completed their paperwork after the November 2014 investigation. 

The Randolph County Prosecutor’s Office gave little indication as to why it took so long to file charges, but did confirm the neglect charges were filed June 18. McCoy is being charged with two counts of neglect of a dependent, a Level 6 felony that carries a maximum 30-month prison sentence, according to WXIN.

An arrest warrant for McCoy was issued June 22, with her bond set at $5,000. She has not yet been arrested. 

Neither WXIN nor The Star Press indicated who is currently caring for the two girls. 

Sources: WXIN News, The Star Press

Photo Credit: Screen shot from WXIN News


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