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Police Searching For Mother Of 11-Month-Old Boy Found Abandoned In Dumpster

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An 11-month-old boy in Nebraska was found alive after reportedly being abandoned in a dumpster.

According to reports, the boy was discovered after a resident of an apartment complex in La Vista, Nebraska, heard what he thought was an animal inside of a dumpster on Wednesday around 6 p.m. When he looked inside, the man was shocked to find a baby staring back at him.

“Very disturbing, very upsetting and I couldn't believe what I saw," the man said. “I went and looked on the inside the dumpster and I seen a little hand with an empty water bottle moving.”

Police officers confirmed that the toddler was amongst trash when he was found.

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“There was some trash in there,” Captain Jeremy Kinsey said. “He was sitting right on top of the trash.”

The boy was covered in nothing but a diaper, which was soiled. He was examined at a nearby hospital and determined to be uninjured.

“I actually sat and visited with the little guy for a minute, and really cute kid, so it's definitely a sad story,” Police Captain Bryan Waugh said. “Obviously, it looks as though the child was abandoned there, it was wearing nothing but a diaper.”

With the help of locals, authorities were able to identify the boy within a number of hours. They’ve yet to release a name, but report that the mother's name is Jesus Ismenia Marinero, 45, and that the boy has a 5-year-old sibling. It is currently unknown how long he was in the dumpster before being found.

“He wasn't crying at all, he just had a few marks on him,” Emily Winkle, a local woman who comforted and looked after the child until authorities arrived, told KETV. “I was shocked. I'm expecting. I'm due in two weeks, so it was shocking and upsetting that someone could do that.”

Police are reportedly still searching for the mother and 5-year-old sibling, as well as the vehicle connected to the abandonment: a silver 2000 Jeep Cherokee Laredo, four doors, Nebraska plates SRH 941. 

Here is a photo KETV shared of the mother and sibling:

Sources: KETV, New York Daily News

Photo Credit: La Vista Police


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