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Nebraska Police Officer Curses at Driver for Following, Circling (Video)

A motorist in an unidentified Nebraska town recently recorded a police officer who pulled him over for allegedly circling a crime scene and following the officer's patrol car.

When the officer approached the motorist and his female passenger, he asked for "license, registration and insurance."

The driver, identified as "Steven," asked the police officer, "Did I commit a crime?" several times.

In a video (below) shot by the female passenger and posted on, Steven tells the officer: "You're being video and audio recorded," to which the officer replies, "So are you."

After handing the officer his license and registration, Steven asks, "Am I being detained?'  The officer says, "Not at the moment," but it certainly appears so on the video.

The police officer then asks Steven, "Why are you circling my crime scene?" Steve replies: "I do not have to answer any questions without a lawyer present."  They go back and forth with the same exchange for a few seconds.

The officer later says: "The next time you follow me to a crime scene, or any scene of that nature, including a traffic stop, I'm going to arrest you for obstructing."

Steven, his female passenger and the police officer then argue about whether Steven is obstructing or distracting the police officer.

Finally, the police officer yells: "Stop following us around!  That's your last warning!  Go ahead and record it! Officer Tobler [sic]!" No problem! You're a chickens--- mother f-----!"

At the point, another police officer walks up and pulls the angry cop away from the car. Steven tells the second cop that he wants to press charges and the second officer takes his information down to give to internal affairs.



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