Nebraska Man Saved Thanks To The Teamwork Of Three Different Agencies

A man from Omaha, Nebraska, is still breathing today thanks to the dedication and quick response of three men from different agencies in Iowa.

In response to a call Iowa authorities received about a truck on the side of Interstate 80 on the border of Iowa and Nebraska, Senior Trooper John Hitchcock, Deputy Kurt Ferguson and Council Buffs Fire Department Captain Curtis McKeon found a man passed out in his vehicle and were able to successfully work together to save his life.

Hitchcock was the first to respond to the scene where he said he noticed the semitrailer on the shoulder of the interstate with its hazard lights on. There, he discovered the driver who appeared to not be breathing.

“I knew I had to get him out of the truck to start CPR,” Hitchcock told KETV.

Hitchcock pulled the man from the truck to begin CPR while Ferguson and McKeon were on the way.

Ferguson was next to arrive on the scene, bringing with him an automated external defibrillator machine. Ferguson assisted Hitchcock in getting the unresponsive man out of the vehicle and began CPR.

"We ended up pulling him to the front of the semitrailer, out of traffic," Ferguson said. "His head was purple, grayish, one of those things where you know it's a bad deal going on," he recalled.

The deputy administered CPR and more help quickly arrived in the form of McKeon who arrived with a medical kit.

"It wasn't that many years that teamwork like this probably wouldn't happen," McKeon said. "My understanding is he choked and lost his airway, and it was that loss of airway that caused other problems."

LiftBump reported that because of their combined rescue efforts, the driver regained consciousness and was talking to the three men within the hour.

"It's awful nice to see someone you didn't think was alive talking to you an hour later," Hitchcock said.

The life-saving teamwork of the three men was caught on Hitchcock’s camera and the man has been reported to be doing well.

"It's nice to have a positive outcome," McKeon told KETV. "It's the fuel that keeps you going sometimes."

Source: LiftBump, KETV

Photo Credit: Screenshot via IJReview


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