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Nebraska Man Claims He Was Poisoned By Meth In Hotel Coffee

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Nebraska man Travis Richard claims that he and his 2-year-old son were poisoned by a methamphetamine-tainted coffee maker while staying at a hotel.

Richard and his family had stayed at the Omaho, Nebraska hotel during Labor Day weekend, ABC News reports. After using the coffee maker and package of coffee in the hotel room, he allegedly began to feel strange within 20 minutes of drinking his coffee.

Richard noted that his son had also taken a sip of coffee and later got sick on the drive home to Pleasanton, Nebraska.

“I started feeling really weird,” Richard told Fox Nebraska KFXL. “My arms were floating like I was a feather or something.”

According to test results, he and his son tested positive for amphetamines.

“I mean it was just thinking and thinking and thinking after a huge process of elimination what my husband and my son had that me and my other kids did not,” Richard's wife, Amber Richard, said.

Kearney Police Captain Mike Kirkwood noted that it’s not unusual for meth to be made in a hotel room. Kirkwood added that the department often alerts hotels to look out for guests who could be cooking or distributing meth.

Amber later posted her family’s experience on Facebook, which is when the story went viral. Shesaid that she will bring her own coffee the next time she goes to a hotel.

The Ramada Inn Coco Keys Resort, where the Richard family spent the weekend, noted that they had never heard of anything like this happening before. The hotel is currently investigating the matter. 

Sources: ABC News, Fox News

Photo Credit: ABC News, Wikipedia


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