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Nebraska Convict Nikko Jenkins Kills Four People In Three Weeks After Release From Prison

In Nebraska, an estimated 30% of released inmates will return to prison within three years of their release. If you 30% seems like a high number to you, it shouldn’t. Nebraska boasts the ninth lowest rate of repeat prisoners in the country.

But while 70% of released Nebraska prisoners will not return to prison, Nikko Jenkins will not be one of them.

Jenkins was released from prison on August 11. Many were skeptical of the state’s decision to release him. Jenkins had a history of riot incitation, assault, and gang involvement during his ten and a half years in prison. He was placed in solitary confinement several times, and openly admitted to prison officials that he had homicidal ideations.

Nevertheless, Jenkins was released from prison despite only serving half of his prison sentence. He was let out due to “good time credit” despite losing over 17 months of credit due to bad behavior.

It’s now clear that Nebraska authorities made a big mistake in releasing Jenkins.

Since his release less than a month ago, Jenkins has killed four people. All but one of the victims had no prior connection to Jenkins. The four victims are Andrea Kruger, Curtis Bradford, Jorge Cajiga-Ruiz, and Juan Uribe-Pena.

Of the four homicides, the shooting of Kruger is particularly disturbing. Kruger pulled up behind Jenkins car at a stop light. Jenkins got out of his car, dragged Kruger out of hers, and shot her in the head. Kruger leaves behind a husband and three children.

Examining Jenkins release ultimately leads to more questions than answers. In addition to his long list of offenses while in prison, Jenkins state prison case manager told authorities that “Jenkins has consistently expressed having ongoing homicidal ideations.”

How someone who has expressed homicidal ideations gets released from prison early is beyond me.

Jenkins was originally imprisoned as a 15-year-old for two carjackings and two cases of assault.

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